Substance Database

The Element360 database warehouses information on thousands of unique substances and is the heart of our Ecosystem Approach screening data. It includes all Banned & Restricted List items but goes far beyond that initial list of 6,500 ingredients of harm.

The Element360 database is a repository for all substances reviewed. Each Company we work with receives access to private and personalized substance information.

Element360 allows us to protect the integrity of our data, automate compliance reviews, and provide companies with a library of substances in every item screened for ongoing reference, R&D, and better substance data. Leveraging this robust data set allows us to more quickly review already known substances and to provide guidance back to companies as well as efficiently manage any requests for further documentation related to the unique characteristics of any given material (e.g., derivation, manufacturing processes, impurities, use case restrictions, and occasionally, lab testing).

Additionally, our team works with respected scientists and subject matter experts to screen ingredients based on the most current available science, further allowing us to close ingredient data gaps, and tracking it all under one roof in the Element360 database.

The unique Element360 ingredient database is dynamic and constantly evolving. Each time we screen something, we add that to the information, making Element360 a smarter and more informed tool with every item we review.

With over 85,000 chemicals registered for use in products today, this application is a unique way to organize the most common ingredients and how they impact not just humans but the entire ecosystem. While it has been a massive undertaking, we have been working on the data for over seven years so that we can share non proprietary ingredient intelligence with the Companies we work with.