Initial Look

Initial Look Evaluation provides a learning opportunity without full program commitment. 

The Initial Look Evaluation (ILE) demonstrates clear ways for any company to improve transparency, sourcing, formulation and/or ecosystem soundess. The Initial Look Evaluation is a way to conduct an audit of a select set of products or substances against our rigorous standards. Results from this evaluation will provide an overview of whether or not the substances submitted can be considered ecosystem-sound as well as what documentation or requirements will be required to proceed to another program such as Transformation Partners or MADE SAFE. Results contain directives to make more sustainable products.

The Initial Look Evaluation is a stand-alone program with a flat fee and doesn’t require an annual commitment. As a separate effort, it does not include certification.

We suggest submitting just one or two products or a single fragrance to represent a sampling of your product line and ingredients, substances or raw materials.

This review usually takes 2-3 business weeks, once all information has been received. Timing is dependent on the company providing all necessary ingredient information and documentation requested  for the specific evaluation.

Fees and Rates

The ILE is a flat fee per product  (capped at 50 substance elements) and payment is due upfront. Fragrances are reviewed separately as a stand-alone product.

Initial Look