Transformation Partners

Transformation Partners offers an iterative and interactive process to help companies transform products and achieve sustainability goals.

Transformation Partners is the only program of its kind, offering a new paradigm for how consumer product companies approach & combine their product development & ESG efforts.

To work with us, Companies should be prepared to take a journey to formulate even better products. It is rare for a company to have all products meet the rigorous demands of an Ecosystem Sound product out of the gate. It may take a few weeks, a few months or even a few years to get all formulations to meet your goals. We promise to be there for the entire way, helping develop your library of permitted and prohibited ingredients, easing the way you seek and source ingredients for the future.

This process is rigorous and unique. Companies using our Transformation Program report that they learn from our process and are proud to show their progress.

We help your companies craft more sustainable products for a circular economy or simply to improve formulations that deliver against ESG or CSR goals and metrics.

Through measurable, data-driven insights, our team is able to partner with companies to develop a product formulation improvement roadmap that works at scale. Tactical steps are deployed in accordance with a company’s mission and strategy. One such step is participation in our Ecosystem Approach Screening process, which leverages our in-house software and begins by targeting for elimination a “red list” of 3,000 common toxicants used in everyday products. Next, we evaluate each product ingredient element for suspected: human toxicity, environmental toxicity, persistence (soil, sediment, air, water), harm to aquatic life, harm to terrestrial life, and finally contamination and/or manufacturing impurities.

This approach takes the entire ecosystem into account, giving companies a deep and complete understanding of their current product safety and sustainability status. As a result, companies are able to prioritize future product development and ESG goals strategically and in tandem. Additionally, R&D planning inherently becomes more sustainability-focused, signaling opportunities for companies to devote resources toward new technology or manufacturing inputs, and providing a science-based narrative to underpin future decisions around product formulation shifts or enhancements.


Transformation Partners works alongside companies in an iterative and consultative process focusing on a broad spectrum of sustainability oriented goals:

  • Product Evaluation / Pipeline Strategy​:​

    Centered around improving the ecosystem soundness of existing consumer products. Often involves a large-scale review of formulation ingredients and substances, along with a roadmap for strategic change including targeted input swaps, alternative sourcing options, alignment of ESG priorities, etc.

  • New Product Development​:

    Companies work closely with our team to ensure new product formulations align with their mission and adhere to ingredient and substance standards employed in our Ecosystem-Sound approach.

  • Consulting​:

    Conducted on an ad-hoc basis, this work may include, but is not limited to, consultation around ingredient selection or substitution; sourcing or recommending suppliers; suggesting labs for substance testing; product formulation guidance or education; team calls / conferences; brainstorming sessions; and any other guidance explicitly requested of us by companies.

  • ​Access and Fees:

    Companies may access the program for an annual fee, which includes screening of a specified number of ingredient elements and additional consulting time. Our fees are designed to accommodate the scope and scale of any company project or initiative, big or small.

Transformation Partners