Our Mission

Our Mission is to revolutionize how consumer products are made, thereby eliminating the use of harmful chemicals from the marketplace to ensure a safe and sustainable future for all.

Nontoxic Certified (NTC) is a nonprofit that advocates for safe and sustainable substances in everyday products and guides companies towards better ingredient use for ecosystem-sound products. We leverage the marketplace as a powerful change agent. We know that the most successful companies of the future will provide products that are safe for humans and sound for our environment. We work with companies at every phase and stage to provide a roadmap for making more sustainable and closed-loop ingredient choices with tools to benchmark and share progress and accountability with stakeholders and consumers.

To do this work, NTC deploys our unique Ecosystem Approach to consider all sources of pollution including air, water, soil, sediment, aquatic life and terrestrial life. Additionally, it reviews chemistry classes, supply chain practices, and renewable sourcing practices. This evaluation process for all inputs is what provides true ingredient insights so that companies may understand the implications of ingredient selections prior to use and/or when making changes in existing products.

Companies at every stage can use our programs to deliver on their sustainability, CSR, or ESG goals working for continued improvement and progress over time. Making the Red List commitment is a giant step toward eliminating the worst substances. Adherence is how companies can ensure cleaner air, water, and soil for a healthier future.

Our Vision

Through our 360 degree Ecosystem Approach, we flip the current chemicals first, consequences second practice existing in the US today. We put the power of ingredient selection in the hands of companies and product choice in the hands of consumers, allowing both companies and consumers to make a commitment to safer products that prioritize all forms of life - both humans and the ecosystem.

Today, there is no one universally-recognized standard for better, safer, cleaner, or healthier product formulation and manufacturing. Suppliers, manufacturers, and brands all have different allowances for acceptable ingredients and varied approaches to determining hazards. As a result, it can be nearly impossible to communicate to consumers what is (or is not) in products. Our services provide a way to ensure companies make better products based on rigorous, defensible, scientific determinations that help achieve your mission and systematic change in the marketplace.

Our bar is higher. Our vision is cleaner. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get started, then come work with us.

Mission / Vision